Friday, September 20, 2013

Hi there :)

From middle school through college I have always maintained a healthy weight 115-125 my height is slightly over 5’2. I’ve participated in sports and ate as healthy as I could around the busy schedule I possessed. In my 23rd year I had a rough time, I gained an abundant amount of weight. I was in denial of it all. I slowly but surely couldn't fit in any of my clothes and trying to wear my usual pencil skirts or button up shirts to work was not likely. I had to result to buying larger clothes and trying to hide the mistake I let happen. I didn't weigh myself for an entire year and the weight just kept packing on. It caused many health issues for me and my self-esteem was less than par. One day I gathered up the courage to step on the scale. The number was appalling and made me feel so sick with myself I knew I had to snap out of this unhealthy lifestyle of laziness and not caring. That night something clicked and changed me motivated me and pushed me to my limit. I bought a treadmill so that I would always have easy access to running being that I live in Colorado, The weather can change in a sudden moment J I acquired a schedule around my schedule with running, weight toning and yoga.

#irun: I fell right back into it. Running has always been my favorite. I put on my music and the path below my feet just flows without thought. It’s my escape from the worries of everyday. Wipes clean the stress built up and sorts and files my lists of to do. 

Over the course of the year I lost 87-90 pounds (fluctuating weight) My bmi is still high for my height and I still am on my journey to lose 20 more lbs. I plan to never again let go of my healthy habits and watch closely to my wellness. This blog is going to focus on my thoughts and doings. It will provide the tools I used and facts to help you that have helped me along the way.

I am here to lend and receive support from a strong community; judgment will not be passed here.

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